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About Us

   Cloud Interactive is the first inflight media used in China. Cloud Interactive is committed to creating a platform for various services to be introduced to airline passengers when they need them the most. We provide each passenger with an inflight use tablet named CloudPlay Pad, aiming to amuse them via excellent content including: movies, games, news, e-magazine, inflight shopping, and destination services.

about us introdution
about us introdution2
Aug. 2016 Cloud interactive has become the biggest market share in China.
Jun. 2016 Cloud Interactive USA (DBA: China Interactive) was established in Salt Lake City, Utah, USA.
Mar. 2016 Ecommerce, CPM, PPC, and other Advertising models were introduced in the flight.
Oct. 2015 Ruili Airline became a partner in the sky.
Aug. 2015 Series A investment raised.
Nov. 2014 Luck Air became a partner in the sky.
Jun. 2014 Company name changed to Chongqing Clouder Technology Limited from Yinuo Media Limited.
Jul. 2013 Three more patent applications were submitted.
Aug. 2012 China Express Airline became a partner in the sky.
Jul. 2012 Sichuan Airline became a partner in the sky.
May 2012 Eight patent applications were submitted to China Patent Office.
Sep. 2010 Inflight Media project, Cloud Interactive was established. A series of system developments.
Jul. 2003 Yinuo Media Limited was established as an advertising company in China.

What we do


Advertising Models

  General Ads
  Video, Picture, Content
  Space Package

Services & Entertainment & Commercial Section

  General Ads
  Video Section
  Game Section
  Destination Services Section
  Travel Information Section
  Airline’s special
  Flyinjoy B2C / B2B Ecommerce

Our Advantage

  Attracts High-end Consumers in the flight
  Various Interactive Applications on the pad
  Marketing Optimiza
  Sales Statistiction
  Consumers Data Collection
  User Data Analysis
  High Conversion Rate

CH-EN translation


Advertising & Marketing Translation

  Across cultural boundaries
  Express the real meaning with Chinese culture
  Aware of special translation circumstances
  Avoid issues in translation and Cross-Cultural communication

Globalization and Localization

  Different social and political settings
  Methods of media

Translation Affect Shopping Motivation

  Chinese shopping behavior
  Intercultural Interactions between Chinese and Americans


Chinese Consumer Reach

Types and Features of Chinese Tourists

  House Buyer

To Know Chinese Tourists

  Who they are
  When they come
  Where they stay
  What they do
  What they want
  What they shop
  How they travel
  How they pay

We Help You

  Attract Chinese tourists in your region
  Enhance brand’s awareness, recognition, and reputation
  Apply the tool of Chinese social media platforms
  Expand Chinese market connection
  Promote special events
  Plan and execute effectively


chinese map




Our Clients are from Around the World

China Australia thailand USA

Why Us

Why Chinese Tourism?

  China is currently the fourth-largest source market for inbound tourism to the USA. Slightly more than two million Chinese visited the USA during 2014. By 2018, we expect China to become our number one long-haul source market.

  Chinese visitors, who often travel in groups, spend on average $6,000 per person during each trip to the USA—about 30% more than other inbound international travelers.


  Chinese travelers spent more than $140 billion on overseas trips in 2014, a 20.7% year-on-year increase, to make China the number one spender in the world on travel. China is also expected to overtake the U.S. as the world’s number one business travel market in 2016 and generate 20% of global business travel spending.

Why Chinese air passengers?

  Many people who fly in China are considered high end consumers

  • According to the statistics of Civil Aviation Administration, in 2015, the number of Chinese airline passengers was 440 million, which makes China the second largest aviation market in the world.
  • The age of the average airline passenger is between 30 and 50 years old. They are wealthy, trendy, and less price sensitive passengers thus they are considered valuable for merchants to trade with.
  • They are mainly business elites, government officials, and enterprise senior managers of white-collar class, who are all considered to have higher incomes and who have strong consumption power and better social status.

Why Cloud Interactive?

  For the most part in China, every trip by plane can be dull and uneventful for airline passengers because of the isolation from the internet and the outside world.

Wi-Fi: Unavailable
Cell phones: Prohibited

  In order to help airline passengers have a more pleasant flight, we have developed CloudPlay Pad, a personal entertainment tablet catered for inflight use. This Pad, placed in the front pocket of each seat, has been created to provide various interactive entertainment services and to improve each passengers’ flight experience. After five-years of development, we have built significant strength in cooperating and integrating with multiple airlines as well as international market resources and is now seeking more cooperation with superiority in market resources and content operation.

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